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Level 3

Around the World in 80 days

An adaption of
Jules Vernes’ novel

In Hong Kong, the next boat is still there!

The boat leaves tomorrow!

They are not late anymore!

But Passepartout hears: “The boat leaves tonight, not tomorrow”.

He runs to tell Mr. Phogg, but he meets Detective Fix.

They have a drink.

Detective Fix tells his real identity to Passepartout.

– “Your master is a thief! Help me arrest him!”

Passepartout doesn’t believe it.

He wants to leave.

So, Detective Fix gives many drinks to Passepartout.

Passepartout passes out.

The next day, the boat is gone.

Passepartout is not in his bed.

No one knows where he is.

Phileas Phogg pays another boat to go to Yokohoma.

It is too far. A sailor agrees to go to Shangai.

Hong Kong, China – Shanghai, China.

Phileas Phogg and Aouda take the boat.

They cannot find Passepartout.

In Shanghai, Phileas Phogg and Aouda take another boat to Yokohoma.

They are fast! They are on time again!

Passepartout wakes up on a boat.

He is in Yokohoma!

He remembers: “I am drunk but I take that boat!”

Phileas Phogg and Aouda also arrive in Yokohoma.

They are together again!

Yokohoma, Japan – San Francisco, USA.

They take a boat to San Francisco.

They are on time again!

Detective Fix follows them again!

He think: “I can arrest him back in England!”

In San Francisco, they board a train to New York.

The journey is long and dangerous.

One day, wild buffaloes cross the tracks and slow the train.

They are late again.

Phileas Phogg is not worried.

The train arrives at a bridge.

The bridge looks broken.

So, the train stops.

They are delayed, again!

They cross the bridge very fast.  

Suddently, Sioux Indians attack the train!

They fight! The Sioux loose.

But, the Sioux take Passepartout!

Phileas Phogg saves him.

The train leaves without them.

They are very very late.

They take a sled to finish the journey.

They arrive in Omaha, then they take a train to New York.

But in New York…
The boat to London is already gone!