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Level 3

Around the World in 80 days

An adaption of
Jules Vernes’ novel

There are no other boats.

Phileas Phogg searches for a solution.

He finds a boat that goes to Bordeaux, France.

He forces the Captain to go to Liverpool.

New York, USA – Liverpool, UK.

The boat is small.

They want to go fast.

They are very late.

They burn all the coal.

So, they decide to burn eveyrthing else too!

They arrive in Queenstown, Ireland.

So they take a train to Dublin.

In Dublin, they take a rapid boat to Liverpool.

They are almost there!

Only a few more hours!

But suddenly, Detective Fix appears!

He arrest Phileas Phogg for the robbery.

Phileas Phogg is in jail. He is calm.

Then he is free to go, he is not the thief!

They rush to London…

But they are 5 minutes too late.

Mr. Phogg is calm. He is not angry.

He goes home.

Passepartout and Aouda are worried.

At home, Phileas and Aouda talk.

They are in love! They decide to marry.

Passepartout goes to get the priest.

Suddenly, he realizes…

Today is Saturday, not Sunday!

They are a day early!

Passepartout and Phileas Phogg rush to the Reform’s Club.

5 minutes before the deadline!

During the journey, they travelled East… So, they gained a day.

Mr. Phogg is rich again!

He wins the prize, and finds love.

What a journey!

The End