For Teachers and Educators

with an audience of adult learners

What we offer to teachers


1. We offer adapted and diversified readings for learners

17 ebooks will be produced in the framework of the project, adapted from literary classics and illustrated with works from Europe’s cultural heritage. We want these ebooks to be as accessible as possible to people with little or no access to the written word (migrants and adults with little schooling, qualified, people with disabilities or learning disabilities, etc.).

We have therefore devised a progressive three-stage path to discover a work: from the image associated with the audio to the reading of a text at A1+ level. In addition, the audio versions of the ebooks will be offered independently for visually impaired people. A selection of ebooks will also be adapted in sign language.

2. Pedagogical supports and resources

To help you, each ebook will come with its pedagogical file. Practice sheets on technicalities (how to find an image to illustrate an ebook, how to edit it…), and on editorials and educational points (create a storyboard, animation of a practical workshop around a group ebook…) will also be available.

3. Would you like to create your own ebooks ?

Bibliodos aims to offer you all the necessary tools to create ebooks for and with your learners.

4. Would you like to publish your ebook on

Bibliodos is open to external contributors and offers a detailed step-by-step guide for our publishing platform.

5. Download our White Paper to learn more
about the project and our resources

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