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Level 3

Around the World in 80 days

An adaption of
Jules Vernes’ novel

Bombay, India – Calcutta, India.

Mr. Phogg and Passepartout take a train to Calcutta.

They meet Sir Francis Cromarty.

They discuss and play cards.

But suddenly the train stops.

There is no more railway!

They must continue the journey!

Passepartout sees a man with an elephant.

So, Phileas Phogg buys the elephant!

Mr. Phogg, Passepartout and Sir Cromarty ride the elephant.

They see a religious group in the jungle.

They want to sacrifice a woman!

Mr. Phogg, Passepartout and Sir Cromarty decide to save her.

They follow the group and hide.

Then Passepartout goes into the fire and saves her!

They escape with the woman.

The woman’s name is Aouda.

They continue their journey.

They arrive in Calcutta.

Suddenly, Passepartout and Mr. Phogg are arrested!

The crime? Passepartout’s shoes inside the Pagoda in Bombay!

But in reality… Detective Fix wants to delay the journey.

But Phileas Phogg has money.

He pays the fine.

They can continue.

Calcutta, India – Hong Kong, China.

Passepartout and Mr. Phogg take a steamer to Hong Kong.

Aouda goes with them.

On the sea, there is a storm.

The steamer is late!

Phogg does not panic.

He doesn’t show emotion.

Hong Kong, China – Yokohoma, Japan.