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Level 3

Around the World in 80 days

An adaption of
Jules Vernes’ novel

London, 1872.

Mr. Phileas Phogg is a rich man.

He lives in London.

Everyday, he goes to the Reform Club.

He plays cards with other gentlemen.

Mr. Phogg is serious and always on time.

He is very strict.

Jean Passepartout is the Valet of Mr. Phogg.

He is French.

At the club, Mr. Phogg talks about the world.

They talk about the news:

– “It is possible to go around the world in 80 days!”

– “That is impossible!”

Mr. Phogg disagrees.

– “It is possible. I will do it. I will come back in 80 days, not a minute more”.

The prize? 20.000£.

Mr. Phogg and Passepartout leave that night.

They start a journey around the world!

At the same time, Detective Fix, searches for a bank robber.

He thinks Mr. Phogg is the thief!

So, the detective follows Mr. Phogg in secret.     

London, UK – Suez, Egypt.

Mr, Phogg and Passepartout take 6 days to cross Europe.

They take a train to Italy, and a boat to Egypt.

In Egypt, Detective Fix is there too!

He waits for an arrest warrant.

Suez, Egypt – Bombay, India.

In Egypt, Mr. Phogg and Passepartout take a boat to Bombay.

The journey goes well.

They arrive 2 days early.

In Bombay, Detective Fix is there too.

He waits for an arrest warrant again!

Mr. Phogg waits for the next train.

Passepartout visits the city.

He sees a beautiful Pagoda.

Passepartout cannot go inside with shoes.

It is the law.

But he does not know that.

He goes back to the train station.