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Level 3

The imaginary invalid

An adaptation of Molière’s play


Cléante, Angélique’s lover, knocks on the door.

TOINETTE: “Angelique can’t see anyone.”

CLÉANTE: “Say it is the new music teacher.”

TOINETTE: “Good idea! Wait here.
Her father is coming!”

ARGAN, talking to himself: “My doctor’s orders: walking.
Walk back and forth to my room 12 times.
But I forgot… Where do I start?”

TOINETTE, entering: “Sir, there is a…”

ARGAN: “Shhh! Speak softly to a sick person.”

TOINETTE: “Sir, psstsss…” (She pretends to speak in a low voice)

ARGAN: “What?”

TOINETTE: “I am saying: psstssspss…”

ARGAN: “What are you saying?”

TOINETTE, yells: “I am saying: a man wants to talk to you!”

ARGAN, jumps: “Yes! He can come.”

CLÉANTE: “Sir, I am replacing the music teacher.
He is sick.”

ARGAN: “All right, start the lesson.”

CLÉANTE: “A shepherd loves a shepherdess.
But the father wants another husband for the shepherdess.”

CLÉANTE: “So, the shepherd suffers.
He wants to say his love to the shepherdess.”

Toinette, coming back into the room.

TOINETTE: “Sir, this is Mr. Diafoirus and his son.”

M. DIAFOIRUS: “Sir, we are here to ask your daughter’s hand in marriage.”

M. Diafoirus looks at his son.

M. DIAFOIRUS: “Thomas, greet the lady.”

THOMAS: “Miss, your beauty is like the sun, and your eyes are lovely.
I offer you, my heart.”

TOINETTE, ironic: “Those are nice words.
But is he a good doctor?”

ARGAN: “My daughter, take Thomas’ hand.”

ANGÉLIQUE: “Please, Father, take it easy.
Give us time to get to know each other.”

ARGAN: “After the wedding!”

ANGÉLIQUE: “Father, please give me time.
Don’t force me into a marriage without love.”

She leaves.

ARGAN: “Gentlemen, can you check my health?”

M. Diafoirus and Thomas take Argan’s pulse.

M. DIAFOIRUS: “Well, the problem is the splenic parenchyma, so the spleen.”

ARGAN: “But my doctor says it is the liver.”

M. DIAFOIRUS: “Well yes: the parenchyma, so the spleen and the liver.
It goes together.”

M. DIAFOIRUS: “Does your doctor tells you to eat roasted food?”

ARGAN: “No, only boiled food.”

M. DIAFOIRUS: “Well yes!: roasted, boiled, same thing. Your doctor gives good advice.”