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How to edit pictures for an ebook?
Edit pictures with GIMP, a free and open-source software

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Once you have found an illustration, you might want to do some basic editing such as cropping, resizing, do some color processing and add some text. In this practical sheet, we will use an Open-source software for image editing called GIMP

GIMP software presentation

GIMP is an Open-source image editor, available on Linux, Mac OS and Windows. Please go to GIMP website to download and install it. Once you’ve read this practical sheet, if you need further assistance with GIMP, please read the official documentation.

Interface overview

GIMP is highly customizable to best fit your needs. You can see on the screenshot below how a freshly installed GIMP would look like, and what are the main areas of interests.

  1. You can find the toolbox at the top-left. Several tools are available and we will see some of them for this practical sheet.
  2. Colours are accessible through this module, represented by two square on top of each other. The square on the left is the foreground colour, and the square on the right is the background colour. You can invert their position with the arrows on the top-right. To modify the coulours, click on a square to access the color picker.
  3. This window will display tool options for the tool selected in the toolbox. Please note there are several tabs at the top of the Tools options area with specific roles.
  4. GIMP uses layers to apply non-destructive modifications and overlapping informations and graphics. Layers will appear in this area Once we open a file.

Table of Contents

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