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Level 2

The imaginary invalid

An adaptation of Molière’s play



Argan is in his room.

ARGAN: “3 and 2 make 5.”

ARGAN: “Sleeping pills.”

ARGAN: “This mont: eight treatments and five enemas.”

Argan rings for a long time.

ARGAN: “Make a syrup.”

TOINETTE: “These doctors are having fun.”

ARGAN: “My daughter with a future doctor.”


ARGAN: “To look after me.”

TOINETTE: “But are you really sick?”

ARGAN: “Insolent!”

TOINETTE: “Your daughter doesn’t need a doctor.”

ARGAN: “Don’t talk like that!”

Argan, angry.

Béline enters.

BÉLINE: “My poor little husband.”

ARGAN: “I leave you all my money…”

BÉLINE: “I do not want it!… How much?”

ARGAN: “20 000.”

BÉLINE: “No money, please!… Cheques?”

ARGAN: “4 000 and 6 000.”

BÉLINE: “My love, you are more important than all the money in the world.”