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Level 2

The imaginary invalid

An adaptation of Molière’s play


At Argan’s, Toinette welcomes Béralde.

TOINETTE: “You must stop your niece’s marriage.”


TOINETTE: “I have an idea!”

BÉRALDE: “Well brother, how are you?”

ARGAN: “Oh, very badly.”

BÉRALDE: “You are not dead!”

BÉRALDE: “The body is a great mystery…”

ARGAN: “But doctors know a lot!”

BÉRALDE: “Great speeches.”

ARGAN: “I feel sick.”

Toinette, as a doctor, enters the room.

TOINETTE: “We have to cut off your right arm.”

ARGAN: “Why?”

TOINETTE: “Your left eye.
We have to remove it.”

ARGAN: “There is no hurry…”

Toinette leaves. She returns as a servant.

BÉRALDE: “A competent doctor.”

ARGAN: “Yes, but he’s going a bit fast…”

BÉRALDE: “You are giving my niece in marriage?”

ARGAN:”She will end up in a convent!
My wife agrees.”

BÉRALDE: “Your wife manipulates you.”

ARGAN: “She worries.”

BÉRALDE: “Act dead.”

TOINETTE takes Béline: “Your husband is dead!”

BÉLINE: “Free at last!”

BÉLINE: “His money.”

Argan gets up.

Béline runs out.

TOINETTE: “Sir, your daughter.
Act dead.”

TOINETTE: “Your father is dead.”

ANGÉLIQUE: “My dear father!…
I am so sad.”

ARGAN: “Ah my daughter!”

ANGÉLIQUE: “I love Cléante.”

Cléante enters the room.

CLÉANTE: “Sir, we are in love.”

BÉRALDE: “So brother?”


ARGAN: “All right, but he must be a doctor.”

BÉRALDE: “Become a doctor!”

ARGAN: “But medicines…”

BÉRALDE: “A doctor’s coat!”

BÉRALDE: “Doctors to give you a degree.”

ARGAN: “Well… Ok!”

A group of people enter the house: doctors, surgeons, and pharmacists.
They dance and sing in Latin to funny music.

The End