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Level 3

Cyrano de Bergerac

a play by Edmond Rostand

Roxanne sends her maid to ask Cyrano to visit her in the morning.

Cyrano meets Roxanne and almost tells her about his love for her.

Roxanne tells Cyrano that she loves Christian.

A little after, the new cadets arrive. Christian insults Cyrano’s nose to make an impression.

This is a big mistake! But Cyrano does not attack. He tells him of Roxanne’s love for him.

Christian is worried. He thinks he is a simple man, not worthy of Roxanne.

Cyrano has a great idea. He can write letters to Roxanne pretending to be Christian.

After a few days, Roxanne tells Cyrano that Christian is the best poet in the world.

Christian tells to Cyrano that he does not need him anymore.

Christian tries to speak to Roxanne and he makes a fool of himself.

Roxanne is very angry and confused.

Cyrano has another idea. He asks Christian to stand in her balcony.

He whispers to Christian what to say.

Finally, he takes Christian’s position and pretends to be Christian in the darkness.