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Level 3

Cyrano de Bergerac

a play by Edmond Rostand

Soon after, Christian and Roxanne are married.

Valvert is angry for loosing Roxanne so he sends Christian and the Guard to war.

The war is hard on the cadets.

Cyrano writes to Roxanne every day using Christian’s name.

Roxanne arrives in the war zone to see Christian.

Christian falls dead from a gunshot.

Roxanne faints and Cyrano goes back to battle.

After 15 years, Roxanne is in a monastery.

Cyrano visits her every week.

Cyrano has many enemies over the years.

A log was thrown at him and he is seriously injured in the head.

He must stay in bed. But Cyrano goes again to the monastery. He is in pain.

He reads to Roxanne Christian’s letter as if he knows it by heart.

Roxanne understands that she was in love with him all along and tells him so.

He dies with a smile while Roxanne reaches to kiss him.

The End.