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Level 2

Around the World in 80 days

An adaption of
Jules Vernes’ novel

There are no other boats.

Phileas Phogg forces the Captain to go to Liverpool.

New York, USA – Liverpool, UK.

The boat is small.

They burn all the coal.

They arrive in Queenstown, Ireland.

In Dublin, they take a boat to Liverpool.

They are almost there!

Suddenly, Detective Fix arrests Mr. Phogg!

Mr. Phogg is free to go, he is not the thief!

In London… They are 5 minutes too late.

Mr. Phogg is calm.

He goes home.

Phileas and Aouda are in love!

Passepartout suddenly realizes…

Today is Saturday, not Sunday!

They are a day early!

Passepartout and Phileas Phogg go to the Reform’s Club.

5 minutes before the time!

They travelled East… So, they gained a day.

Mr. Phogg wins the prize, and finds love.

The End