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Level 3

Mrs Imbert’s safe

An adaptation of Maurice Leblanc’s short story

Lupin dresses poorly to go to the Imberts’ house.

Ludovic Imbert and his wife Gervaise live in a very nice hotel. They are very welcoming.

At the dinner table, everybody talks about their lives.

Lupin talks about his sad childhood. He confesses his financial difficulties.

Gervaise talks about her childhood and her heritage.

Old Brawford’s 100 million!

​They are in a safe in the house.

​Lupin’s throat is dry. All that money is there, in the house!

​Unfortunately, the Imberts cannot use this fortune.

They have a lot of bank loans and difficulties.

At the end of the meal, the Imberts want to help their guest. They hire Arsène Lupin as their private secretary.