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Level 3

Mrs Imbert’s safe

An adaptation of Maurice Leblanc’s short story

I ask Lupin: “So this is your best trick?”

“Mmm… There are some… strange things in this case…”

Lupin hesitates to continue.
I don’t understand.

“Do you regret stealing that fortune?”

“What fortune?
You don’t understand!
The money was FAKE!”

“6 months of investigation for nothing!
I was fooled!”

Then, Lupin finishes the story.

From the beginning, the Imberts planned everything.

For the servants, the friends, the bankers, Lupin is André Brawford.
And Lupin sees nothing!

Well, because the name Brawford reassures the bankers.

So the Imberts can borrow money and disappear.

“Even me!
Even I gave money to Gervaise.
All the savings from my youth!”

There is admiration in Lupin’s voice.
“I try to rob this woman and she robs me!”

“A fine school for a beginner!”

Today, Arsène Lupin is Lupin, the famous gentleman burglar.

The End