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Level 3

Mrs Imbert’s safe

An adaptation of Maurice Leblanc’s short story

At the Imbert’s, Lupin moves to the second floor, just above Ludovic’s office.

This is the safe room! Is this a coincidence?

Lupin doesn’t have much work to do.
He is often alone.
But he is happy.

He has time to find out how to open the safe…

He tries to force it but he fails.
The big block of steel resists.

So Lupin chooses to use trickery.

He puts a discreet pipe between the floor of his office and the ceiling of Ludovic’s office.

​Now Lupin has an eye and an ear in the other room.

Every day, he lies on the floor, he listens and observes…

Ludovic and Gervaise Imbert trust him.
They rarely talk with him.

The servants do not know his name.
They call him “Monsieur”.

For everyone in the Imbert hotel, he is an original!

Ludovic and Gervaise also call him “Monsieur”.

It is strange but it doesn’t matter, Arsène Lupin thinks about the Imbert fortune…
He has a plan…

But time goes by, he must act.