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Level 3


An adaption of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s novel

The Monster’s life…

The Monster wakes up.
He is alone. He is afraid.

He hides in the woods in Germany.

He meets villagers. They are afraid of him.
They throw rocks at the Monster.

The Monster sees a small house in the woods.

He sees a family.
He watches their life.
The family cannot see him.

He watches everything.
He learns to read, write and speak.
He understands human feelings.

Back on the mountains…

The Monster asks: “Victor, can you create someone for me?”
Someone to love.

First, Victor refuses.
Then, he accepts.

Victor travels to Scotland with his friend Henry.

There, he creates a new monster.

But then, he changes his mind.
He destroys the body.

The Monster is angry!
“I will hurt you too, Victor!”

Victor goes on a small boat.
He throws the body into the ocean.

There is a storm.
The boat almost breaks.

Victor comes back to land… but Henry is dead!
People say: “Victor killed Henry!”

But the Monster killed Henry!

Victor goes to jail.
His father, Alphonse, saves him.

They go back to Geneva.

Victor marries Elisabeth, but he is very scared.

He waits for the Monster outside.

Suddently, Elisabeth screams.
The Monster killed her!

The father of Victor dies because of the shock.
Victor is alone now.

Victor decides to kill the Monster.
He follows the Monster around the world.