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Level 3


An adaption of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s novel

Victor’s life…

Victor Frankenstein grows up in Geneva, Switzerland.

Victor has a younger brother.
His mother dies when he is young.

He grows up with Elisabeth.
She is an orphan.

Victor is very curious and intelligent.
He loves sciences.

He wants to know the secrets of life and death.

He goes to University in Ingolstadt, Germany.

He studies sciences.

He has a goal: To create life.

He steals body parts in a cemetery.

He works hard and doesn’t speak to anyone.

Then, one day he succeeds.
The creature is alive!

The Monster is ugly and horrible!

Victor is so scared, he runs away.

Victor comes back to his house, but the Monster is gone.
He becomes sick.

His friend Henry takes care of him.

Victor decides to go back home to Geneva.

He receives a letter: his little brother is dead.
He is very sad.

People accuse a servant.
She is executed.

But Victor knows… The Monster killed his brother!

Victor is sad. He goes to the mountains.

There, he meets the Monster.
The Monster tells his story.