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Level 3

Don Quixote

An adaption of Miguel de Cervantes’ novel

The next day, Don Quixote sees big clouds.

“Sancho, two armies are fighting!”

He fights and kills 7 people!

But surprise! They are just sheep!

“A magician changes the armies into sheep, Sancho.”

The next day, it is raining.

They meet a man with a pot on his head.

Don Quixote thinks it is a famous helmet. He fights the man.

Sancho laugh. “You look dumb!”

They go into the Sierra Morena, a forest.

They meet a crazy man, Cardenio.

Cardenio loves Lucinda.

But Lucinda is married to Fernando.

So Cardenio becomes crazy.

Don Quixote thinks about his love, Dulcinea.

“Sancho! Go and give a letter to Dulcinea.”

On the way… Sancho meets the friends of Don Quixote.

They decide to bring Don Quixote back home.

Then, the group meets a young girl, Dorothe.

She is in love with Fernando.

Fernando is married to Lucinda, the love of Cardenio!

Don Quixote, his friends, Cardenio, and Dorothe go to a hotel.

Then, Surprise! Fernando and Lucinda arrive!

Lucinda decides to marry Cardenio. Fernando decides to marry Dorothe.

Everyone is happy!

But Don Quixote is still crazy.

His friends decide to dress like monsters…

… and they put Don Quixote in a cage.

They go home and say goodbye.

But Don Quixote… still thinks is he a knight!