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Level 3

Don Quixote

An adaption of Miguel de Cervantes’ novel

“I am not a knight anymore.”

But Don Quixote lies!

His family and friends are angry!

They ask Samson Carrasco for help.

But Samson helps Don Quixote prepare his adventure.

Don Quixote and Sancho have a mission: finding Dulcinea, the love of Don Quixote.

But Sancho did not give the letter to Dulcinea.

He does not know her face!

Sancho sees 3 women in a field.

He shows one to Don Quixote, a fake Dulcinea.

Don Quixote is upset. She is not beautiful!

“Sancho: the magician changes her face!”

The next day, they meet ‘the Knight of the Woods’.

“I am better than Don Quixote!”

Don Quixote is angry.

They fight. The other Knight loses.

Surprise! It is Samson Carrasco, the student from the village!

Samson explains: If Don Quixote loses, he can come home.

But Don Quixote wins!

Don Quixote and Sancho continue the adventure.

They meet a Duke and Duchess. The Duke knows the life of Don Quixote!

They go to the castle.

The Duke and Duchess know that Don Quixote is not a real knight.

They play with him.

They make fake dragons and monsters with paper.

They ask Don Quixote to fight them.

Don Quixote is mad.

They send Sancho to a town. They decide: “Sancho is the new governor.”

Don Quixote is sad, his friends is leaving.  

Sancho is smart. He is a good governor.

But it is too much work for him! 

So, he stops.

Don Quixote leaves the Duke and Duchess.

He goes to Barcelona with Sancho.