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Level 2

Don Quixote

An adaption of Miguel de Cervantes’ novel

“Sancho, look! Two armies are fighting.”

Don Quixote fights!

But surprise … Sheep!

A man with a pot on his head.

Don Quixote takes the hat.

The Sierra Morena, a forest.

They meet Cardenio.

Cardenio is crazy. He loves Lucinda.

Don Quixote thinks about Dulcinea.

Sancho meets Don Quixote’s friends.

The group meets Dorothe.

Dorothe loves Fernando, Lucinda’s husband!

Surprise! Fernando and Lucinda arrive!

Everyone is happy!

Don Quixote is still crazy.

Don Quixote is put in a cage.

Everyone goes home.

Don Quixote… is still a knight!