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Level 3

The Fall of the House of Usher

An adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe’s short story

One night, in my room, I hear strange noises. The curtains are moving.

Is there someone in my room ? I feel something touching me ! I scream !

It is a nightmare. I feel sick.

Suddenly, someone knocks on my door. Roderick looks strange but I feel better, I am no longer alone.

“Did you see outside? There is a storm!” He opens the window from my room.

Outside, the clouds are dark and heavy. We cannot see the sky. The wind blows strong and comes in my room. It is freezing.

I close the window. Roderick is very anxious. I worry about him. I read a book out loud to calm us down.

We hear noises, knocks in the House of Usher, but I keep on reading.

Roderick is scared. He hears other things.

“Someone is yelling, someone is scratching the cellar’s door. Madeline is alive! She is alive in her coffin! I hear the cellar’s door. It squeals… I hear her heart… I hear…”

Steps go up the stairs.

Then, the door to my room opens! There stands Madeline. She is pale. There is blood on her white dress.

She walks towards Roderick. She falls on him and they both die!

“AAAAAAAAH!” I run! I am really terrified.

When I am away, safe, I look at the house. The sky is red… The moon is red…

The House of Usher is falling down…

The End