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Level 3

Don Quixote

An adaption of Miguel de Cervantes’ novel

La Mancha, Spain.

Don Quixote is 50 years old.

He loves adventure books.

He wants to be a knight.

He is a little bit crazy.

He makes an armor with paper.

He has an old horse named Rocinante.

He loves Dulcinea, a beautiful farmer.

But he does not know her.

“Don Quixote, you are crazy! Don’t go!”

But Don Quixote does not listen.

He goes on an adventure.

On the way, he meets Sancho.

Sancho is a poor farmer.

He asks Sancho to go on the adventure with him.

“Sancho, I will give you an island!”

Sancho accepts.

One day, they see a field of windmills.

Don Quixote thinks they are giants!

He attacks the windmills!

But he crashes and falls on the ground.

“Sancho, a magician changes giants into windmills!”

Don Quixote is hurt. They search for a hotel.

They find a hotel. Don Quixote thinks it is a castle!