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Level 2

Pride and Prejudice

An adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel

The Bennet family meets Mr. Wickham.

Mr. Whickham does not like Mr. Darcy.

Why? He explains:

A long time ago…

The father of Mr. Darcy gives a job to Mr. Wickham.

The father of Mr. Darcy dies.

Mr. Wickham does not get the job.

The present.

Elizabeth understands Mr. Wickham.

Mr. Bingley organises a ball.

Elizabeth dances with Mr. Darcy and Mr. Collins, her cousin.

Mrs. Bennet thinks about Jane and Mr. Bingley.

Jane and Elizabeth are very polite.

Their family is not.

After the ball…

Mr. Collins asks Elisabeth to marry him.

She says no.

Mr. Collins is not honest.

Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy go to London.

Jane goes to London too.