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Level 3

Gulliver’s Travel

An adaption of Jonathan Swift’s novel

They cross the city and all the tiny people gather to see the giant who arrived in Lilliput.
The king, after observing and listening carefully to Gulliver, lets him stay.
However, they transfer Gulliver in an abandoned temple and put an iron ball on his right foot.
The Lilliputians take care of Gulliver and bring him food every day.
Gulliver tells them funny stories and lifts them up to see the view.
In time, Gulliver gains their trust and begins to walk free in the town.
One day the tiny people of the rival island, Blefuscu, attack Lilliput.
Gulliver immediately heads to the shore to help the Lilliputians.
He gets inside the sea and catches the rival ships with a rope and carries them to the shore.